Monday, August 21, 2006


Label : Astralweks/Emd


1. The Reel Love
2. Swing Malindy
3. When You're Older (Ode To The Pickaninny)
4. Fortress (Of A Prophet)
5. Modern Magdalena
6. Who Smoked Sunshine?
7. Intellectual Proptease
8. Seven
9. Non-Stop Toast
10. Witch-Bitch?
11. Chiquita
12. Long Way Back
13. Wanna-Beez
14. Oh-So Suite: When Malindy Sings/OG B-Girl/What's My Name? (3/4)(Revisited)/What's My Name? - Part II (5/4)

52 : 38 min

"T-Love’s long-awaited debut is a brilliantly balanced, intelligent album that not only showcases her sharp verbal daggers but also a range of artistry that’s been kept in hiding. T may switch from torchin’ rapper to torch singer on some songs, notably "Swing Malindy," but it’s no cliché, post-Lauryn Hill grasp at trend-riding. When she integrates her vocal and lyrical chops on the four-part "Oh So Suite," the feel is so natural you barely notice when her style switches. T also shows great chemistry with producers Jay Dee, Ollie Teeba, That Kid Named Miles and others who lace her with an assortment of musical goodies from the rugged percussive barrage of the "Non StopProp Skit" to the melancholy melodies of "Long Way Back" to the slick funk of "Intellectual Proptease." Ever since the mid-’90s, this former Love N’ Props "OG B-Girl" has been teasing us with single after single, but the wait for the full-length is over and T-Love delivers with a vengeance."
Oliver Wang from URB Magazine

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