Thursday, October 19, 2006

Label : Outcaste Records
"Released 05/01 on Outcaste Records. Signs is the second album from Badmarsh & Shri, following up on the '98 album Dancing Drums. Whilst deeper in places than its predecessor, Signs demonstrates how the duo have matured, especially with the use of vocals on their tracks. UK Apache (former Original Nuttah) adds to the title track (recently released as a single with a remix by Bonobo) and to 'Get Up', a drum and bass revamp of the James Brown classic; I challenge you to keep a straight face. On a more chilled note is the sublime 'Day by Day', the Flute based 'Soaring Beyond' and the heavenly 'Sajanna'. Signs also has its moody moments, as the dramatic 'Swarm' demonstrates with its throbbing, harsh B-line. Overall this is an excellent, varied album, with Badmarsh & Shri proving that there is more to the Asian Underground than tabla and swirling sitars. "

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