Thursday, May 08, 2008


Label : Flagrant Records

Grayscale, the highly anticipated sophomore release from The Atomica Project, embodies in itself the struggle of its execution. Taking nearly 3 years to complete, Grayscale is filled with elaborate narratives of failure and recovery. Loosely based on the dramatic climate of Lauren Cheatham and Wade Alin's adopted home of Chicago, many of the tracks draw parallels between the cinematic storms of the Midwest and the turmoil of interpersonal relationships. Alin's detailed production on Grayscale constructs a heavily orchestrated, lavish sound that further incorporates organic instrumentation and exemplifies the emotional impact of Cheatham's vocal delivery. The comparisons that both flattered and diminished the uniqueness their debut Metropolitan are no longer relevant, as Grayscale defines a sound exclusive to The Atomica Project. Grayscale features contributions from longtime collaborator Percy Trayanov (Cylab), additional Rhodes piano by Christopher Randall (Chris Randall, Micronaut), additional drums by Rey Guajardo, and turntable work by Dean Dunakin (Bounte).


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