Friday, July 16, 2010


01. Nappy roots – Ride

02. True Live - Keep Myself Awake

03. Jedi Mind Tricks - Trail Of Lies

04. Sandpeople - I Don’t Care

05. Unknown Prophets - Forever Feat.Promoe

06. Ivan Ives - All The Love That I Wasted (Ni5m0 Remix )

07. The Grouch & Eligh - No Flowers (Ft. Paris Hayes)

08. Ide And DJ Connect – Ideology

09. Skitz - Rebel Stand (Ft. Mr Ti2bs)

10. Nature Of The Beast - Homeland Security

11. Nieve And Cook - Chronic Intoxication

12. Incise - Got To Go (Feat. Nieve)

13. Brotherman - Heart Of Dem

14. The Roots - Right On Ft. Joanna Newsom & Sts

15. Apathy - Mind Ya Business (Ft. Chip-Fu)

16. Epik High - Wordkill


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