Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Label : Ninja Tune

01. Take London (Intro)
02. Nah' Mean Nah'm Sayin' Feat. Jean Grae
03. Song For Mary
04. Generals Feat. Trap Clappa/Cheech Marina/Daddy Mills/AK/MacGuyver/Jean Grae
05. Gadget Funk
06. Failure's No Option Feat. Cappo
07. Lord Lord Feat. Roots Manuva
08. The Man Who Knows (Interlude)
09. Kittyknapper
10. Geddim'
11. Close Your Eyes Feat. Jean Grae
12. Sonofanuthamutha
13. Twice Around Feat. Jaen Grae
14. I Know A Bloke (Interlude)
15. 8 Men Strong
16. Serge Feat. Katerine

60 : 00 min

The Herbaliser : Jake Wherry, Ollie Teeba, Kaidi Taitham
"Wherry/Teeba take themes, vibe-percussion, hits, bleats and blasts to build a full and complex firmament of large orchestral manoeuvres with a tailored, original feel. They make loving use of some of the best scores around, adding superbly worked beats and basslines at a pleasingly low rate of hertz. An eclectic nod to some of the grooviest soundtrack jazz-funk there is and a class export."
Tor Solberg/soundgenerator.com

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